1. ‘Faces of Cannabis’ Gallery Experience — as experienced by gallery attendees & models

2. ‘Faces of Cannabis’ Gallery Experience Opening — spatial design, GIF

3. Designed Retail Displays, Video

4. Packaging Designs, GIF

5 . “Weed Is A Woman” 4/20 Campaign TV Display, Video

6. “Weed Is A Woman” 4/20 Campaign Social & Digital Touchpoints, GIF
7. “Choose Weed” 4/20 Campaign Cover, 2021 v1 branding

8. Branded Email

CLIO Award – GOLD, 2022
For: Brand Design

Past Writer Partners: Christina Peréz, Noah Sacksteder
Since 2021, I've been collaborating with Miss Grass, a dynamic cannabis brand, to develop branded content, campaigns, packaging, printed materials, and experiential spaces. This ongoing project has involved managing evolving teams through branding transitions from v1 to v2. The unique creative challenges presented by navigating diverse state regulations in the cannabis industry have made this partnership particularly refreshing and rewarding.

A recent highlight was designing the space and experience for the 'Faces of Cannabis' Gallery Show in NYC. With only photo references of the space, I meticulously mapped out all of the displays and configured the walking flow to create an engaging and cohesive experience. This project showcased my ability to transform a vision into reality, ensuring that every detail contributed to the overall impact of the exhibition—highlighting real faces of cannabis users and helping to destigmatize the plant.

As the industry continues to face hurdles, I enjoy being a part of Miss Grass' strategy to enter new markets swiftly and launch new products. Their commitment to inclusivity—focusing on the full spectrum of women—and educating about the plant as a guiding principle throughout their branding transitions is what keeps this on-going project satisfying.