1. ‘Menorca, Minorca” zine, GIF

2. SFF24 x Clare V. & Cotopaxi photoshoots, GIF

3. Bakti  Digital Look Book, GIF

Menorca, MinorcaAs part of my travel series titled 'Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me,' I styled and designed the zine layout for 'Menorca, Minorca.' This personal project, inspired by "villa" films, travel photography, and summer sensations, featured photos captured by renowned photographer Salva López. The result is a visually captivating tribute to the idyllic charm of Menorca, blending nostalgic elements with contemporary aesthetics.

Sundance Film Festival 2024For the 2024 Sundance Film Festival, I took on the roles of styling and art direction for the festival's brand merchandise in collaboration with partners Clare V. and Cotopaxi. Embracing the indie spirit, I scouted locations and even modeled alongside my Sundance colleagues. This project highlighted my ability to bring a cohesive and stylish vision to life, enhancing the festival's unique identity.

Bakti For Bakti Jewelry, I provided styling, art direction, and designed a digital look book. My work helped the co-founders establish a luxury brand with a subtly edgy perspective. Through careful curation and a keen eye for detail, I contributed to creating a distinct and sophisticated brand image that resonates with modern luxury consumers.