1. SFF24 Titles

2. SFF24 Official Merch Drop, Social Touchpoints

3. SFF24 x Clare V. Merch Photoshoot & Social Touchpoints, GIF
Photography: Cel Jarvis

4. SFF24 x Cotopaxi  Merch Photoshoot & Social Touchpoints, GIF
Photography: Cel Jarvis

5 . 40th Gala Video Celebration

6. SFF24 Retail & Signage In-Situation, GIF

7. SFF24 Single Ticket & Package Social Touchpoints

8. SFF24 ‘How To Fest’ Social Touchpoints

9. SFF24 Site featuring my Italian Greyhound Django in the ‘Shop’

10. SFF24 GIPHY Stickers for Social

11. SFF24 Physical Award

Creative Director: Kristina Mueller
I was brought into the Sundance Institute by my long-time creative contact, Kristina Mueller, to help execute all aspects of the 2024 Sundance Film Festival, which took place both in-person and online from January 18-28. It was exhilarating to engage with every piece of branded collateral as part of a small but mighty creative team. I also played a key role in managing junior designers and ensuring projects progressed smoothly to final execution.

Some highlights included planning and capturing a merch shoot with partners Clare V. and Cotopaxi, designing the official catalog cover, and helping develop the physical award given to talented filmmakers in their respective film categories. This project showcased my ability to blend creative vision with meticulous execution, contributing to the success of one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world.